• Children with Down Syndrome share a common profile of learning needs. Whether these are met within a mainstream or special school, our ambition is to ensure that children with Down Syndrome  access a differentiated curriculum via evidence-based strategies, resources and tools.


  • We want a formal, academic education for our children, just as all parents do, and we strongly encourage our schools to develop a specialist understanding of the distinct learning profile of children with Down Syndrome.


  • To this end, we welcome all opportunities to engage with schools and with the Local Authority and we are actively encouraging the development of a template of best practice for the education of children with Down Syndrome within Kirklees.


Down Syndrome Education International provides a wealth of research, information and free resources, which we recommend to all professionals working with children with Down Syndrome.

  • The Down’s Syndrome Association website has plenty of sound information on education and children with Down syndrome, just click HERE to be redirected.


Here are some more useful links to information and websites that can guide you through the EHCP process: