Max’s Media Experience


You may already be familiar with Max from seeing his brilliant blog ‘Living Life To The Max!’ right here on our website. You may also know he’s been doing some brilliant work placements, including his latest as part of the ‘Bridging The Gap’ project with Kirklees Local Television.

Max has a real passion for all things film & TV and so when this placement came together for him he was thrilled. Instead of me writing about it, why not watch instead!


Max Lockwood is 19 and has been bullied on public transport and also over the internet. He decided to make a webcast as part of his placement with KLTV on Cyber Bullying and Bullying and interviewed colleagues who have also been bullied.

Don’t deal with bullying alone – think about talking to someone you trust like a parent, carer or teacher. They can help you report the bullying and be there to listen to you. Having someone to talk things through with is really important – it can make you feel less alone and more confident to deal with the situation.

Wonderful work Max.