HDSSG’er Ruben sings at the Albert Hall

In his own words Ruben Reuter, 12, a pupil at Royds Hall High School tells us about his experience singing with his school’s choir at the Royal Albert Hall –

Ruben is pictured in the top tier, middle row, 7th singer from the left!

My Visit to Albert Hall for The Schools Prom by Ruben.

I sang with Huddersfield Fusion Choir at the Albert Hall, London. There were 600 people in my choir. I travelled down in a coach with Royds Hall High School and ate my lunch in the coach. We wore special t-shirts. The colours were red, green and blue. Mine was red. We had to practise our songs. They are called Don’t Stop and Flame. The Albert Hall is amazing! It is houmungus . The Hall is round and at the top the roof is a dome .We had LED lights that shone in the dark and they looked like stars. I saw other singers and rappers, African drummers, bell ringers and orchestras. When it was our turn I felt excited and cheerful. At the end we all sang Land of Hope and Glory and thousands of balloons fell from the roof and fireworks went off. I felt like a rock star!

Next time I will be a rapper called Little Red Rubester.