Safe Places in Kirklees from Mencap

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The Safe Place scheme has just been re-launched as a vulnerable person scheme after 2 years of providing support to people with learning disabilities.

Safe Places provides safe havens in busy public places for people to turn to should they need support for any reason such as losing a purse/bus pass, becoming disorientated/lost or being the victim of a crime.

Members carry a Safe Places card, on which they can write the numbers of someone they would want ringing if something was to happen.

Mencap Kirklees train public venues such as shops, leisure centres and travel centres so that they are able to provide assistance to a vulnerable person should they need it. Safe Places display a recognisable sign in the window which matches the picture on the members cards.

We have over 60 Safe Places around Kirklees and this is always increasing. The scheme is free and easy to join. Contact Samantha on 01484 340811 for more information.

More information is available on the Mencap Kirklees website 

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