Royds Hall High School recognise 21.03.12!

Royds Hall High School helped to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with a fundraising cake stall. The students baked buns in HDSSG colours and advertised the sale with some brilliantly designed posters which they displayed around the school. The additional needs team and Royds Hall TV made an informative film about Down Syndrome which was shown to every form at tutor time. A digital photo montage was also compiled with an audio track of Ruben (pictured) reading a poem.

HDSSG would like to thank Royds Hall for demonstrating such a positive proactive move – as far as we know the first high school in Kirklees EVER to recognise World Down Syndrome Day!

The proceeds of the sale – over £120, will go to HDSSG, but more importantly awareness has been raised. The students at Royds Hall ( a few of whom, statistically will be touched by Down Syndrome at some point in their own lives) have gained a greater understanding of people with Down Syndrome which will hopefully ripple outwards and help make positive changes for all our children with Down Syndrome.